Political quality

S.I.TA.R is a leading company whose focus is the manufacture, trade, marketing and after-sales services of: bitumen transport, storage and spreading equipment; in addition to the measured fuel supply and watering tankers. Maintaining our leading position is among our real concerns, and in line with that goal, our company had implemented a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 standards, in an effort to be more efficient, outperforming and highly competitive. We are undertaking a process of continuous improvement through the innovation and evolution of the quality of the products and services we deliver. We aim in priority for a more complete and comprehensive satisfaction of the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers. To this end, our quality policy is founded on three strategic axes:

  • Customer satisfaction and company growth
  • Involvement & commitment of our company’s staff.
  • Developing excellence in all of our processes.
In a further move to preserve the integrity of our ISO 9001 standards Quality Management System, the Board of Directors pays its full attention to the assessment and analysis of the aforementioned fixed axes indicators. Management will be informed, by the means of management reviews, of the relevance of these objectives. To measure the reliability of its system, management ensures:
  • The proper application of the process-based approach and the risk-based approach.
  • Taking into account the customer requirements as well as the legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Staff awareness.
The Top Management is committed to providing all the resources (human, material and informational) necessary for the success of our approach. The Quality Management Manager is responsible for accompanying the process's pilots and reporting periodically to the Top Management of the QMS efficacy.